Ben Tuck Racing

Behind the scenes race weekend for Bun Tuck Racing team.

Bamb was hired by Vireal Media and Ben Tuck Racing to photograph behind the scenes during a GT3 race weekend.

Travelling up to Donington Race Circuit in Derby, Alex photographed a full race weekend including practice, qualifying and the race day.

Instead of taking commonly seen photos from beside the track, we instead focused on a perspective that people rarely see, intimate photos of the race driver, the pit crew and the wider team from the trailer to the pit lane.


High resolution professional images

Story telling through photography

Working in a precision environment

“Alex and Nick joined me and my team for British GT3 races at Donington Park and Brands Hatch. I needed professional photography and video, to showcase myself to potential sponsors. The results spoke for themselves and we managed to structure their work without getting in the way of the race teams procedures. I thoroughly recommend them.”

Ben Tuck
Racing Driver for BTR