East Sussex County Council

Design support for Local Authority.

East Sussex County Council use Bamb on a regular basis for ongoing design requirements.

Over the years we have designed print material, such as brochures, stickers, banners, exhibition stands and leaflets. Digital designs including logos, adverts, websites and online platforms.

East Sussex County Council commission Bamb on a strategic level to help reduce their carbon footprint, reuse promotional material and save their staff time by automating certain tasks. For example a team building event included a giant wooden puzzle, after the puzzle was completed it was framed and hung in the offices as a motivational reminder. A much better solution than plastic toot that gets trashed after a single use!


Rebranding and logo design

Graphic design

Digital design

Creative consultancy

Website design and development

Signage design

“Bamb started working with us on smaller projects over 7 years ago, however after showing time and time again that they can deliver design and creative work that adds value to our service, we have given them more responsibility and now have a solid business relationship built on trust and consistency.”

Nick King
East Sussex County Council