Go Project

Branding project for a new start up supplying high end bearings for the skate world.

Go project noticed the branding Bamb had done for Loco Skates and hired us to give their new business a fresh identity.

With just two letters and many companies using the name Go, the challenge was finding a way to make the logo individual, without losing the simplicity we're known for.

The logo also needed to work well enough at a very small scale when printed onto the side of the bearings.

Other than the bearings themselves, the website, videos and merch, the logo needed to look cool enough that kids would want to wear clothes and caps with the logo on.


Rebranding and logo design

Graphic design

Motion graphics

Clothing designs

“Thanks so much for the logo guys, it blows our minds how you’re able to create something so simple yet interesting, we love it!”

Jake Eley
The Go Project