Rebranding can be a daunting task for any business. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about entrusting your brand identity to someone you don’t know too well. You may be concerned about the creative process, how many concepts will be presented, and whether the end result will truly reflect your business values. But you’re not alone. Even designers who have steered their own brand identity can find it difficult to trust the process.

As a branding designer who has worked with hundreds of clients, I understand that it can be hard to take that first step. My goal is to make the process of rebranding as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you. Here’s how we roll at Bamb:

Open Communication

At the heart of any successful branding project is open communication. From the very start of the project, I’ll take the time to get to know your business, your goals, and your target audience. I’ll listen carefully to your ideas and feedback and keep you informed every step of the way.

Portfolio and Reviews

I always promote the importance of researching my business. I want people to know who they will be working with, this includes my previous work and range of clients, as well looking into online reviews through Google. If a potential client needs reassuring and recognises a business they know from my client list, I will encourage them to reach out to them and ask questions.

Customised Process

Different branding agencies work in different ways. The approach at Bamb is to create one amazing concept that is clearly the best for your business. Sometimes clients love the design concept immediately, other times they need time to digest, and other times it needs an adjustment or new direction. Whatever the initial outcome we work collaboratively with you to progress to a final design that is not only right for you personally, but most importantly right for your target audience and serves you well for years to come.