Brand Consultants

Buzz word and jargon free advice on strategy, branding or web challenges you face.

Whether you need an outside perspective on your uniqueness, design challenges, understanding design in more depth, or have your staff trained to handle creative projects more effectively.

Branding consultations are tailored to your aims and needs. We can strip back your business to give you a clearer understanding of what your branding is, or should be. Or simply provide you with a creative session to help you through a transition or a specific event.

Our branding consultancy service can be conducted at your location or over a video call. However, we have our own dedicated space to offer you. It is a perfect place to get away from your day to day distractions for the day, with easy transport links, direct access to our large balcony, and refreshments throughout the day.

We can arrange lunch, travel, and accommodation if required.

*Please note* Due to the current pandemic any consultations will be conducted via video call.

We are also offering over the phone advice for people transitioning from in-house to remote working. Due to so many businesses struggling with the current worldwide crisis, we are offering this service without a fee unless you state that it is something you want to pay for, in which case you will be paying it forward to someone less fortunate.

“Our creative session really helped me understand how a rebrand can be delivered within an organisation that has multiple offices in a variety of countries. Thank you so much for your support and guideline document, I refer back to it regularly to make sure we’re always progressing as a business.”

Majda Ledden

Marketing Manager
Chapman Freeborn

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