About us.

Hello, we’re Bamb, a branding and design agency based on the Sussex coast who are hugely proud to value and produce high quality, original design work. We like to go the extra mile for our clients and these are the values that bind us.

The team.

We believe that it’s the people who make the team. We met each other because of a shared passion for design, but we continue to work together because of our shared passion for delivering high quality design that we’re all proud of.

Our values.

A lot of companies add a values section to their website but, for us, our company was built around these pillars. We live and work by them, and we believe they make us who we are.


Be honest.

People value honesty, even if that means advising someone away from Bamb in the short term, we believe honesty is worth it.


Do the right thing.

Sometimes people need guidance against their expectations. We risk suggesting an alternative view when we believe it’s right.


Keep learning.

In a constantly evolving industry with new technologies and techniques, it's important we find the time to develop new skills.


Be original.

Nothing is truly original, we all draw inspiration from something, but striving for originality is beneficial for everyone.


Simplicity is key.

There is a lot to be said for simplicity, there are few things that cheapen a brand more than a complicated or overworked design.


Have principles.

We only work with people and companies that we believe are a benefit to society or a positive addition in the world.

Let's work together.

If you’re looking for a professional design consultation, an entire rebrand or want to tell us about a specific project, our inbox is always open.

Get in touch.