Explaining the thinking behind designs is an art-form in itself!

We just sent two brand concepts off to a client and it’s so interesting how the explanation of the design process can have a huge impact on the client response.

From my experience, it I can really help the customers understand the process, the thinking and decisions behind what was included, and not included in the designs presented.

Without this explanation a customer might not be sold on the designs and may feel that all avenues haven’t been explored, leading to uncertainty and possible extra workload for the designer that could have been avoided.

Below is a snapshot of how I format an email when sending design concepts to a customer. Hopefully it helps any fellow designers, or end-clients understand the explanation they should get.

Professional intro

Remember this email might get forwarded to other colleagues, so even if you have a close relationship with a client, keep this one concise and professional.

Attach your docs and refer to them

Its so easy to forget, and although not the end of the world, it doesn’t look measured. Also pop a little line referring to the attached documents or link.

Project Overview

Provide an overview of your research into the project, what you wanted to embrace or avoid.

Explain the approach that worked best and why.

Individual concept explanation

Now is the time to explain each concept, what you like about them, why they are appropriate to the client spec and so on.

Keep this short and to the point, we don’t want this email to be huge and risk not being fully read.


Finish off with any additional notes you want to share and a polite sign off letting them know you are looking forward to their feedback.

It might be nice to guide the client how you would like to receive this feedback…By email or an arranged meeting.

Lastly, if this is a fresh client, I recommend giving some peace of mind. You might be nervous and forget that they may also be nervous. A client can be worried about offending you, or not liking what you put forward.

A good relationship needs open, honest, respectful dialog…You’re both on the same team after all! 😊