Enterprise Centre Branding Proposal

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this exciting project.

With an initial focus on your signage and logo, we’d love to delve deeper into your branding as a whole, to deliver you the absolute best outcome. Here are some of our ideas:

The Enterprise Centre is a vibrant, varied and interesting place. Working on your visual branding to reflect this will have a big impact on your future success.

You already have an amazing team, regular customers, a full building, a location with easy parking beside the railway station, not to mention the rich Eastbourne heritage and fantastic features. We want to help you bring this all together and play to your strengths, so together we can increase the quantity and quality of your shoppers.

Service overview

  • Research & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Surface design

Research & Strategy

To please your target shoppers, we first need to understand them.

We want to attract the best tenants by giving them the best location to base themselves, and that means keeping up to date with potential shoppers and what they think of us.

An in-person survey on the street would be really helpful, conducted at one or two locations where the Enterprise is visible, such as the bottom of Grove Road and outside the station.

We want to find out:

If shoppers live locally

If shoppers currently know what’s in the building

If they shop locally

If shoppers currently know what’s in the building

How often they shop here

What they find most useful


A rename and a rebrand often go hand-in-hand.

Changing a business name is not to be taken lightly, however it remains the biggest statement a business can make.

Your name is the foundation of your brand and although we can do a lot with a branding update, it is something worth discussing if you haven’t already.

Renaming can help to:

Raise awareness of your location

Show a more modern way of working

Entice new customers

Entice old customers to reacquaint themselves

Logo redesign

When overcomplicated, a logo becomes easy to ignore.

‘Enterprise Shopping Centre’ is very wordy for a logo. When seen together with the strapline ‘Boutique Independent Shopping’ there is a complex mixture of words, messages and font-styles.

We can design a modern logo that gives better flexibility online and offline, as well as reflecting the strengths of the Enterprise, giving you a stronger identity that is more up-to-date and supersedes your competitors.

A modern, simpler logo will make a bigger impact:

Stronger signage

Instantly recognisable

Social media friendly

Improved web presence

Colours & Themes

Step out of the grey.

There is a lot of grey in your current branding, whether it be on the building, inside the building, on marketing material, posts, frames, signage, railings and even the nice big industrial girders you have.

With an updated colour palette for the logo, brand assets and the building, we can form a set of guidelines that helps keep us on an agreed path towards colour-based decisions. This will help the building, and everything that surrounds it, look more coordinated and attractive.

A new colour palette will:

Add some vibrancy

Get people talking

Help you to stand out

Strengthen your brand

Some well thought out colours to the outside and inside of the building would be good to see. Something a little daring and unconventional that gets people talking.

Social Media & Photography

Sharing your brand in a strong visual way.

With a high focus on your new-look branding and with Alex’s custom photography, developing a social media theme will be easy. Something vibrant with a good mixture of graphics and photos.

You’ve done something along these lines in the past and we’d like to find a more consistent and cool way to do the same thing.

Things to consider:

Share your key features

Share benefits to your shoppers

Share news and updates

Share your individual personality

We love what Leeds Corn Exchange do with their social media and would draw inspiration from them by creating some ‘sticker’ like graphics and a vibrant, eye-catching colour palette.

We also feel a dedicated hashtag would be useful for tenants to know about, something that brings the shops and businesses together on social media.

Interior & Exterior

Focus on the great details within and around the building.

There are fantastic touches in the building such as the metal railings, the roof, big industrial girders, skylights, ornate window frames, incredible brickwork and circular windows.

However, the features that stand out like the red metal roof frame are not carried through the building into other areas.

We want the building to feel more cohesive, a building that draws people's eyes up and makes people appreciate how interesting the architecture is.

The building should feel:

More cohesive

More interesting


Well-cared-for and appreciated


Little Details

Little details aren’t a big deal individually. However, combine lots of little bits and over time you end up with an interior that looks a bit unloved in places.

This is such an easy fix and something worth mentioning. Some of our clients have invested in nice wooden bins, some with options for recycling. 

We also want to avoid empty snap frames, old ugly bins and ashtrays that seem way too close to the doors to be usable. These all detract from the look we really should be going for.

Signage & Wayfinding

Signage should be high-quality, attractive and, above all, functional.

During our time here we’ve helped a lot of people find their way. It will always be an issue in a shopping centre and building such as ours, but we can do better though.

We have seen some images when the letters on the glass were individual. Maybe we can look at ways a new logomark could work on glass. This would be a big step forward but also with a nod towards the great choices of the past.

A well designed layout of the upstairs and the downstairs would be great. It would be very easy to list out and number everyone as a key to the layout. The only big consideration is finding a solution that can be amended easily and without too much cost.

Signage should:

Be unique (no stock images)

Be functional and easy-to-follow

Not restrict any views or limit natural light

Consider totem signage


As you can see, we have a lot of ideas that would make a big difference over the course of this year and beyond.

We’d love to discuss these with you and formulate a plan of action, tackling each area in a specific order and giving you a clear price and deliverables at each stage.

As tenants within the space, our first-hand experience and admiration for the centre makes us ideal minds for this project.

We hope to help you make the most of your wonderful space with a more measured, long term approach to your branding.

The people

The shops

The tenants

The details