Geoff Roberts

Rebranding for steel bicycle frame builder with huge family pedigree.

Geoff Roberts of the Roberts frame building empire, hired Bamb to rebrand his independent operation having gone on his own after a life of racing and competition.

Bamb was given complete freedom to design the new logo for Geoff Roberts.

It goes without saying that the logo needed to work well on the downtube of a bicycle frame. Other than that it needed to be usable on usual formats such as clothing, web and print.

Every part of the lettering making up the Geoff Roberts logo is made up of either a straight line or a perfect whole, half or quarter circle. This relates to the geometry of a bike.


Rebranding and logo design

Vinyl sticker for bicycle frames

Customised website template

Business stationery redesign

Clothing and merchandise

“I know how to design a bicycle from the ground up, but haven’t the first idea how to design a logo for my business. I know what looks good though and Bamb did a great job on my logo. I’m proud to add it to my bikes before I ship them off to my customers.”

Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts Frames